Shape of Time   (2018)
Study of Softness    (2017)
Particles and Waves   (journal)


Image: James Maher

    Brooke is a Melbourne-based craftsperson who uses sensuous materials to create objects that speak through tactility and movement. Her current process uses craft to examine our human connection to the physical world through objects and materials, considering the intersections between the body, matter, time and experiences of place. 
    Brooke was selected by Intro Gallery for Frame 2020, as part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich, and
exhibited in the 2019 Marzee International Graduate Show, Galerie Marzee (Netherlands). In 2018 she received the Emerging Artist Prize in the National Contemporary Jewellery Award; the Wolf Wennrich Award for Gold And Silversmithing; and was a finalist in Fresh! (Craft Victoria) where she was awarded the Pieces of Eight Prize. Brooke is represented by Intro Gallery in Amsterdam.